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Baltimore companies pair for tagged steel fabrications

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Barcoding and Marlin Steel Wire Products, a manufacturer of custom steel wire and sheet metal products, announced a collaboration to automate inventory tracking and protect high value items through the materials handling process.

The partnership pairs Marlin Steel’s engineered materials handling with Barcoding’s RFID technology and system integration capabilities, creating one, complete inventory management solution designed for production lines and complex applications.

As a result of the Baltimore-based companies’ collaboration, Marlin Steel’s clients now have the option of adding RFID tags to any steel product order, including wire steel baskets, sheet metal fabrications and wire forms.

RFID-tagged baskets allow users to track high value items throughout the materials handling process - their creation, movement in and out of the basket, and deployment into separate portions of the materials requirement plan - for total inventory visibility.

The joint solution is ideal in the industrial, aerospace, automotive and medical/pharmaceutical industries that are looking to better manage their inventory while protecting delicate materials throughout their processes. [end] 

The Georgia Institute of Technology is now accepting Bitcoin for student dining and shopping on campus.

Georgia Tech’s BuzzCards, can now be topped up with the digital currency at the BuzzCard Center, the university’s card office. The proposed integration is significant as student BuzzCards can be used at some 200 locations around the Atlanta-based campus where students to pay for meals, parking, recreational facilities and tickets for various sporting events.

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There seems to be a new data breach reported every week, and a growing number of them are taking place on the college campus.

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Baltimore County Public Schools stays ahead of its large population with contactless student IDs

Attendance is a primary, daily function at virtually every elementary, middle and high school across the country. For large schools and districts, logging and reporting student attendance can be an incessant challenge. In Baltimore, a new system is redefining attendance with the student ID card, paving the way for improved campus safety and efficiency.

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Port Logistics Group, a provider of gateway logistics services, and TAGSYS RFID, a global provider of item-level inventory management systems for the supply chain, announced a strategic partnership to enable RFID solutions for Port Logistics Group customers at their U.S. gateway facilities.

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