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GAO RFID offers compact, shirt pocket reader

Thursday, September 6, 2012

GAO RFID announced its latest 134.2 kHz compact handheld RFID reader that offers easy operation and a design small enough to fit into a shirt pocket.

The compact reader, model 222015, features convenient power management - powered by two 1.5 V AA rechargeable batteries or external power supply - and optional TASK mode user-defined configurations. With an ISO 11785 RFID reader and an alphanumeric keypad, the handheld enables easy data collection in applications such as foodstuff tracking, stock breeding, and animal control.

Additionally, it provides a large flash memory capacity which can store 5000 tag IDs and an IP54 protection rating making it suitable for operation even under harsh environments. The compact handheld sports a read range of 25 centimeters with HDX transponders of Ø 30 millimeters and 18 centimeters with FDX-B transponders of Ø 30 millimeters.

The GAO solution provides a large flash memory capacity which can store 5000 tag IDs. And mixed with a digital signal processor (DSP), the reader has the ability to reduce interference from noise making it suitable for operation under harsh and noisy environments such as slaughterhouses, scales or sorting gates [end] 

GAO RFID Inc. announced a new desktop RFID reader and tag programmer that offers a compact design and uses a linearly polarized integrated antenna, suitable for various desktop applications.

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A new student-led proposal at Columbia University is looking to place stickers on student ID cards that display contact information for sexual and mental health resources.

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